Monte Hill



About Hill MX Ranch:

Hill MX Ranch is the home and private training grounds of the Hill family. Together we are working to create a national level motocross training facility. Currently the facility consists of three motocross tracks and a Supercross track; all encompassed on 117 acres along side the I-5 freeway in southern Oregon. Hill MX Ranch offers year round private, semi-private, group classes, and ongoing training, taught by Monte Hill. Monte is the father and coach of factory riders Josh Hill #75 (2008 Minneapolis Supercross Winner) and  Justin Hill 2014 national #35. Monte is an accomplished rider himself with several national amateur championships but is most highly regarded for his ability to coach both of his sons to multiple victories and Professional Factory Contracts.


Classes are available, by appointment, to all skill levels and all ages of riders. Please feel free to call or email us for more details or to schedule a training session. Josh and Justin will take part in classes when their schedules permit and we will have guest instructors occasionally. See below or check the schedule for more details. Come ride with us!