Justin Hill Update and Training with Monte

This is long overdo! I should have posted this back in March but my focus went from celebrating Justin’s two Millcreek Championships, that he won despite a nagging knee injury, to utter disbelief that his nagging knee was actually a completely blown out ACL that required surgery and several months of recovery. We were all devastated that he would miss out on a season that looked to be so promising for him. Fortunately for Justin he’s had great success winning 8 Amateur Championships since moving up to the big bikes. This and his likable personality have helped him obtain the backing of some great people/companies. That gives us peace of mind as we look forward to the big picture. We are super proud of Justin and all he’s accomplished. ¬†We expect the doctor to release him to ride around August.
With Justin’s misfortune comes good fortune to some, in the form that Monte will be in Oregon most of the summer. He is available to help others improve their technique or prepare for upcoming events such as Mammoth and Loretta’s. If you want to be your best call Monte 541-205-1787.

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